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Subject:Re: Updating
Date:Sat, 31 Dec 2016 13:23:09 +0000
From:Michael Kennedy <>
On 30/12/2016 18:25, wrote:
> It's obviously long past time to answer this, but it may help someone else with the same
sort of problem:
> I could not get Paradox for DOS to work on any 64-bit computer, so I traded in my computer
for a 32-bit Windows 7 machine. Paradox for DOS works fine in it, and so do the 32-bit versions
of all the other programs I had on the 64-bit computer.

A few other options are available - without changing the box itself, and 
retaining the 64bit OS:

   1. Install VirtualBox - powerful, solid, stable, fast, simple (?), 
supported... and... Free! Configure VBox. Then install MSDOS under VBox, 
or XP (32-bit), or similar. I'd recommend XP - if a license is 
available. Configure that OS (as usual). Then install PDoxDOS under that 
OS. Runs extremely well. You'll probably need to set up shares - to be 
able to access PDoxDOS files from the 64-bit Windows, and vice versa. 
Maybe use VMWARE (or similar) instead of VBox - should work just fine 
also. With this approach, you can stay "current" with the Win10 64-bit 
platforms, apps, hardware, security, updates, etc, and still run the old 

   2. You might check out VDosPlus (, based on DOSBox). Has 
worked very well for me, but I've not yet deployed this approach for 
"real" PDoxDOS users. File sharing/transfer, etc, is much simpler than 
under VBox/XP, but performance might not be as good.

   3. You could try DOSBox, but I would not bet on success! A few years 
ago, I wasted many man-weeks on it, and could not get PDoxDOS running 
well under it. Could have been me, tho'  ;-)

There are probably some other approaches also...

   - Mike

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