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Subject:Re: Permitting a form to close
Date:Fri, 10 Mar 2017 11:14:57 +1000
From:"Leslie" <ViaThe>
"Jim Moseley" wrote:
> Kevin,
> Our app used to have this implemented, but we backed off for a few 
> reasons:
> 1. Users got mad that 'X' didn't do what they wanted.
> 2. We changed the 'X' to do the same as an OK button (or however you want 
> to close the form).

Apart from the Microsoft Windows 10 Upgrade "malware" screen which they got 
absolutely hammered for, clicking the Close Window button in the caption has 
always equated to a Cancel or "Do nothing" operation - this goes all the way 
back to the days of Win286. At best you could prompt the User with an "Are 
You Sure" type prompt offering a Cancel option.

Jim is spot on in that you should change the Window Style so that you do not 
give them the option of clicking something you do not want them to.

Apart from captionless Windows I have never had the need to hide the Close 
button, minimize and maximize sure, but never close because surely the User 
can always close a Window. Even if it is the top level window then closing 
that means closing the application.

So I am interested to know more about the reasoning behind the need ?

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