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Subject:Re: Permitting a form to close
Date:Fri, 10 Mar 2017 05:24:54 -0500
From:"Kevin Baker" <>

You make some good points here.  Since Windows 10 came along, I'm trying not 
to use any dialog forms.  The reason behind this is since the Dialog box 
"belongs" to Windows and not Paradox, the form appears different, which to 
me makes my application seem unprofessional.  This quirk is most likely all 
me and I may end up having to just deal with it to get the desired function 
from my application.


"Jim Moseley"  wrote in message news:58c1d1e4$


Our app used to have this implemented, but we backed off for a few reasons:
1. Users got mad that 'X' didn't do what they wanted.
2. We changed the 'X' to do the same as an OK button (or however you
want to close the form).

This has made our app much more usable.

The key is to not put all your 'close the form' code in the
OKButton.pushButton() method.  Instead, create a 'doCloseForm()' method
and just call it if OKButton is pressed, or if the form's action is also
trying to close the form.

Finally, if you really don't want them clicking the 'X', why even show
it?  If they are Dialog forms, you can remove the control buttons.  If
you design the form, hit F6 to get Window Style.  From there, just
uncheck under 'Title bar properties' all 3 choices - Control Menu (the
X), min & max buttons.

Jim Moseley

On 3/9/2017 4:53 PM, Kevin Baker wrote:
> anyone have a copy of this information from
> "Liz"  wrote in message
> Philipp,
> Check out
> Regards,
> Liz
> ---
> Philipp Crocoll wrote:
>> Hi all!
>> I want that the users of my PDox form are not allowed to close the Form
>> through the "X" of the Window. How can I achieve this?
>> Thx,
>>  Philipp 

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