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Subject:Re: adobe reader from pdox button
Date:Thu, 4 May 2017 17:31:43 +0200
From:"F.Huijsmans" <>
[This followup was posted to comp.databases.paradox and a copy was sent 
to the cited author.]

In article <>, 
> hi -
> in one of the fields of my paradox db i have pdf files stored.
> so, i'd like to open the adobe reader from a button on the form,
> but i can not figure out the correct command to open the adobe reader.
> something like --
> execute("adobe.exe") ??
> we have adobe reader 8.0, 9.0 and 10.0 
> thanks,
> matt

Dear Matt,

This might help: I simply let the explorer decide what to do with a 
file. If the file extension is recognised the proper program is used to 
open the file.

;simply throw a document to the explorer and let the explorer decide 
what to do with it
method OpenDocument(sDocFile String)
	sExeCommand String ;command to execute

;add " (double quote) to start and end of DocFile name to allow for 
spaces in filename
sExeCommand = "Explorer \"" + sDocFile + "\""

;execute(command,wait): wait = True -> wait for explorer to close to 
avoid annoying issues
;when opening for instance multiple instances of Excel using the same 

	execute(sExeCommand, True)


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