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Subject:Paradox Table Corrupt
Date:11 Dec 2017 08:54:38 -0400
From:"Stan Lee" <>

Hey guys I was referred here by someone from expert exchange. I'm quite the
computer illiterate so please bare with me.

I've been having this problem ongoing for close to a month now and I haven't
come up with a solution yet. Although I have been able to pinpoint the problem.
Originally it was a simple index out of date problem. I had a power outage
while I was working on a table and when I turned back on paradox that error
message "index is out of date" showed up. I managed to fix it using several
repair/rebuild tools including tuitlity. I'm not sure which one fixed the
problem, it was kind of like trial and error. So once I believed it was fixed
I deleted all the copies I made of all the old files which I regret!

Now I am stuck with data info missing. I have an index named qty-left.db
the column that literally reads qty-left is empty. and at random; some columns
having missing item descriptions and purchase order #'s, while some remain.
I have another index toorder.db which has the same exact information for
item description and PO#(i don't know if this can be useful) When I actual
run paradox when I select"inventory" on my main menu, toorder.db, qty-left.db
shares the same table.

So I have decided I'll just recount everything I physically have on hand
and create a new table. but is there a way to get back those item descriptions
and PO#? They are really important information to me. I know this sounds
a bit confusing. Please let me know if you guys need any additional information
to be more clear. Thanks in advance.
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