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Subject:Re: Paradox Table Corrupt
Date:Tue, 12 Dec 2017 09:10:40 -0500
From:Bill McCray <>
On 12/11/17 7:54 AM, Stan Lee wrote:
> Hey guys I was referred here by someone from expert exchange. I'm quite the
> computer illiterate so please bare with me.
> I've been having this problem ongoing for close to a month now and I haven't
> come up with a solution yet. Although I have been able to pinpoint the problem.
> Originally it was a simple index out of date problem. I had a power outage
> while I was working on a table and when I turned back on paradox that error
> message "index is out of date" showed up. I managed to fix it using several
> repair/rebuild tools including tuitlity. I'm not sure which one fixed the
> problem, it was kind of like trial and error. So once I believed it was fixed
> I deleted all the copies I made of all the old files which I regret!

I don't know a lot about Paradox, although I have used it.  I have some 

For now:

1.  When you delete a file, it generally isn't really deleted, but is 
moved to the Recycle bin (a special system folder to hold "deleted" 
data).  Unless the file has been deleted from that folder, it can be 

For the future:

2.  Make regular backups of your Paradox files, and keep them around for 
a long time.  Example:  You make daily backups.  On day X one of your 
files becomes corrupted.  Eight days later, you become aware of the 
corruption.  If you have backups from just before day X, you have a good 
file you can use to reconstruction where you should be.

3.  Have a battery backup system for the computer you use for Paradox 
work, so power can't drop unexpectedly from that computer.  (Even 
better, have one for each of your computers.)

> Now I am stuck with data info missing. I have an index named qty-left.db
> the column that literally reads qty-left is empty. and at random; some columns
> having missing item descriptions and purchase order #'s, while some remain.
> I have another index toorder.db which has the same exact information for
> item description and PO#(i don't know if this can be useful) When I actual
> run paradox when I select"inventory" on my main menu, toorder.db, qty-left.db
> shares the same table.
> So I have decided I'll just recount everything I physically have on hand
> and create a new table. but is there a way to get back those item descriptions
> and PO#? They are really important information to me. I know this sounds
> a bit confusing. Please let me know if you guys need any additional information
> to be more clear. Thanks in advance.
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