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Subject:Re: Where can I get Paradox for Windows 10
Date:Mon, 23 Apr 2018 09:49:44 +0200
From:"modridirkac" <>
Do you have SL forms and libraries and reports?
(*.fsl, lsl, rsl, ssl)

If you do, just try installing P9 and run your app.
If you are lucky, everything will work.

If your are not so lucky, some changes will be needed.

When I did this, most common problems were:
* problems with setrange() an locate() after that.
* if you create temp tables in INIT method of form, and then use those temp 
tables on form.

For first one:
If you have
You will get errors.
Just put TC.SwitchIndex() before SetRange(..)

For second one: put creating temp tables outside of the form.
Do not open form directly from another form, instead call library.
And then in library create temp tables and then open form.
Not OK:


  and in lib:
   method OpenMyForm()
   Create temp table


"mike dewhirst"  je napisal v sporočilo 
news:5add20d7$ ...

I have a working Paradox 7 application which is too big to rewrite and it
won't work in Windows 10.

I think my best option is to upgrade Paradox to a later version.

Does anyone have any advice for me?



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