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Subject:Re: new sever now new problems. lock time out/file location paradox running slow
Date:Sat, 02 Feb 2019 20:02:04 +0100
From:modridirkac <>
I wrote thi back in 2017.
It describes problems with 2008 server.
Might be same thing.


If anybody finds this usefull:

I had a problem with one of my customers, where paradox aplication was
freezing constantly (5 times a day, every user).

Paradox applicatin just froze and was nonresponsive.
Only option ctrl+alt+del.
And this happened after some time of inactivity AND also during notmal  

Firs thought was "bad switch".
New switch did not help.

next: "net config server /autodisconnect:-1"
(disable autodisconect of network drives)
Did not help.

Next: "bad network card on server". New card did not help.

Next: "new temporary server". Did not help.

To make the long story short:

Problem was in combination of win10 / server 2008 / Group policy
Their network was a domain network.
Their administrator di network mapping with Group Policy.
And behaviour of mapped drives in GP changed with Win8.
Group policy is processed every couple of hours and in that process mapped  
drives were
disconected and reconected. Instead of just checked, as it was the case  
prior to Win 8.

---- ****** -----
Solution was to make group policy just "Update"  network drives, instead  
of "Replacin" it.
---- ****** -----


On Wed, 30 Jan 2019 16:27:00 +0100, scott hersman <> wrote:

> Hello,
> We upgraded from 2003 server to 2016 server last thursday and are  
> noticing
> a couple problems:
> we Using paradox 10 and 11 on all 10 nodes..
> i am not an it guy nor a paradox expert...
> The entire company runs paradox daily for multiple things and in general
> is stable but seems to be slower.  All programs but two are running ok.  
> (so
> far)
> 1.  Lock time out error on a specific program...has something to do with
> hanging when adding a table.
> the program will run if the you change the location of one of the tables.
> we fixed by hardcoding a workaround by changing table location to a  
> different
> sub directory but still on the server.
> now we found another program with same similar problem.
> 2.  very slow to change directories/subdirectories when using a form ...
> i get the wheel of death but eventually  it will change to the desired  
> directory
> any help would be appreciated
> thanks
> frustrated coconut

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