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Subject:Re: Multi-User Table Access
Date:Thu, 3 Oct 2019 17:13:30 -0400
From:"Steven Green" <>
"performance" is a very complicated subject.. your network itself and/or the 
design of the app can lead to many different discussions


Steven Green
Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, USA

Collectibles and Memorabilia
Vintage Lego Sets and Parts
- and Paradox support, too
"James"  wrote in message news:5d96386c$


Now that we have no problem accessing a table for multiuser but
it lags when two people try to do the data entry to the same table.

Is it normal ?

Thanks for your help in advance.


"Steven Green" <> wrote:
>one shared idapi file, or separately on each machine, the rules are the
>get everyone out, first
>download my remlok32 and run it on each drive, to be sure all lock and net

>files are gone, so you're starting clean
>all users must point to the same shared net file, using the EXACT same
>mapping/path.. it can't just resolve to the same location, it must be
>EXACTLY the same.. then, same thing for all shared data
>if you think it's all good, and it's not, re-running remlok32 will show
>all net and lock files out there, per drive, and what net file the lock

>files are pointing to
>Steven Green
>Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, USA
>Collectibles and Memorabilia
>Vintage Lego Sets and Parts
>- and Paradox support, too
>"James"  wrote in message news:5d812be1$
>Is there a way to set  IDAPI to allow multiuser to access/edit the table
>simultaneously ?
>I did try to put LOCAL SHARE:ON. but whenever I do, I get another error

>related to either LCK or NET.
>I have the NET folder located in the same directory as working directory.
>Thanks for the help.

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