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Subject:Re: Dark Theme Option?
Date:Wed, 06 Nov 2019 16:19:16 +0100
From:modridirkac <>
> The hard part:  My application has 200+ forms.

I also have cca 600 forms.
Luckily, I open them through a common library call.
I do not open them with"xx.fsl") but instead I call
a library method OpenForm(formName string, formFile string)
This method then updates menus with open windows list,
also resizes and positions forms, and also changes colors and
texts on forms.

So when I added this functionality, I only had to write it in
one library.

Method OpenForm looks something like
method OpenForm(name string, file string) logical
var f form
   if F.Attach(name) then return(true) endIf   ; form is already open
   if not F.Open(file) then errorshow() return(false) endIf
   ; then I set position of form, which I read from INI
   ; then update list of open forms
   ; then change texts and colors

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