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Subject:Replacement for Paradox?
Date:Wed, 22 Jan 2020 14:31:37 -0500
From:Kirk Dickinson <>
I am wondering where people who used to use Paradox a lot have gone when 
they moved on to other things? Access? Alpha Five? Delphi/Embarcadero? .NET?

The day will come when I need to replace Paradox. I played with Delphi 
back in the early 2000's and never could get very proficient in it so 
haven't upgraded in years. It was still Borland when I bought my last 

I have a decent handle on ColdFusion and could completely redo all my 
desktop stuff online with that, but CF is another dying platform.

I have a friend that keeps telling me that I need to learn Ruby, but I 
probably need some type of RAD to get up and going faster.

I played with Alpha Five 10 years ago and I think given the time, I 
could have redone everything there. The new licensing is much more 
expensive now than it was then. I looked at Xojo and played with it a 
little two years ago. That looked promising, but it is also very 
proprietary and there aren't many 3rd party plug-ins available.

My main need is a replacement for our Paradox Cattle Management program. 
If I had a web app, our guys could enter information from their smart 
phones are tablets and our records would be more up to date.


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