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Subject:Re: Replacement for Paradox?
Date:Wed, 22 Jan 2020 14:47:25 -0600
From:Mark Bannister <>
People will tell you it's a terrible language but PHP for web 
development is pretty easy and free.  You can run an Ubuntu server on 
Amazon EC2 pretty cheaply.
Caveat: I'm no expert.
I've looked at moving our app to something like a Drupal installation,  Drupal is an opens source "Content Management 
System."  The downside is you would have to learn PHP and all the 
vagaries of Drupal.  The plus side is there are that there are a LOT of 
very good modules that you can just plug in and not write.  The modules 
are easily customizable by using "hooks" in Drupal.  Your hooks then are 
separate from the module so when it updates you don't have to rework 
everything, just make sure your changes are working.
It has a database extraction layer so you can use most any modern 
database.  MySQL is the most common but Postgres works too.

On 1/22/2020 1:31 PM, Kirk Dickinson wrote:
> I am wondering where people who used to use Paradox a lot have gone when 
> they moved on to other things? Access? Alpha Five? Delphi/Embarcadero? 
> .NET?
> The day will come when I need to replace Paradox. I played with Delphi 
> back in the early 2000's and never could get very proficient in it so 
> haven't upgraded in years. It was still Borland when I bought my last 
> license.
> I have a decent handle on ColdFusion and could completely redo all my 
> desktop stuff online with that, but CF is another dying platform.
> I have a friend that keeps telling me that I need to learn Ruby, but I 
> probably need some type of RAD to get up and going faster.
> I played with Alpha Five 10 years ago and I think given the time, I 
> could have redone everything there. The new licensing is much more 
> expensive now than it was then. I looked at Xojo and played with it a 
> little two years ago. That looked promising, but it is also very 
> proprietary and there aren't many 3rd party plug-ins available.
> My main need is a replacement for our Paradox Cattle Management program. 
> If I had a web app, our guys could enter information from their smart 
> phones are tablets and our records would be more up to date.
> Thanks,
> Kirk

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