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Subject:Re: Paradox on Windows 10
Date:Fri, 31 Jan 2020 18:43:29 +0100
From:"Ivan" <>
Hi Anders,

I agree with the point, that P9 works fine on Win 10.
Printing directly open reports can fail. Therefore I've wrote - about 2
years ago - allways a form, which shows the report-data and the report can
be printed with a button - with the rp.print("ReportName") method. Since
then, no report problems.

 But my question:

> I never see any need to do a custom install, just run the installation
> with admin rights and start the app with the o-switch to a custom config
> file and you should be fine.

I used the -o parameter earlier. Works ok. But nowadays there's a user, who
uses an another app too, which install its own BDE 4.x.

The description for -o says:

    -o Filename
    Alternates the BDE configuration file. All BDE-based applications must
use the same BDE configuration file when running concurrently.

I don't know the possible issues, if both different apps run together and
each uses it's own BDE configuration. Coud this produce an unstable system?

I'm asking, because the user has some "new" issues (permanently quickly
destroeyed tables and hangups [when accessing network]) and i don't know, 
what it could be (perhaps oplocs too). I've deleted the -o argument (but 
found on his pc possible other different small configuration 
network-problem). He will test it on monday.


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