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Subject:Re: Multi-User Table Access
Date:Sat, 1 Feb 2020 14:20:28 -0500
From:"Steven Green" <>
"exactly" means "exactly".. if one app thinks f:\myapp is the same place as 
the other app thinking it's p:\myapp, they don't know they're sharing and 
you WILL get corruption when the files get written to

"exactly" means "exactly".. period !!


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"Ivan"  wrote in message news:5e348637$

hi steven,

a question:

> all users must point to the same shared net file, using the EXACT same 
> mapping/path.. it can't just resolve to the same location, it must be 
> EXACTLY the same.. then, same thing for all shared data

what means EXACTLY exactly?
e.g. i've an app installed on the drive   P:\MyApp

NET DIR is set to P:\MyApp

then I share the whole drive P: within the network.

and have one (or more) worstations (ws1, ws2, ...).
eg. ws1 access the drive as N:
the ws2 as Z:

and on ws1 the NET DIR is set to  N:\MyApp
on ws2 to Z:\MyApp


i.e. all pcs points to the same directory MyApp on the "server" drive P:
do you see any problems? and if yes, why?



> if you think it's all good, and it's not, re-running remlok32 will show 
> you all net and lock files out there, per drive, and what net file the 
> lock files are pointing to 

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