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Subject:Re: Multi-User Table Access
Date:Thu, 13 Feb 2020 18:42:59 +0100
From:"Ivan" <>
hi steven,

it's not the same whole path, but it's the path to the same directory on the
server drive, which can have a different drive letter (the rest must be the
i can remember, that i've read it as i was much younger and ues it since
then im hundreds of networks without problems (my own too).

and my manual contains this description for bde-NET DIR setting unchanged
since the last century.

but if someone uses the same drive-letter too, it's not wrong.

"Steven Green" <> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
> NO !!  do NOT mix drive letters and still think you have the exact same
> path
> as for the SMB question, the issue is new, but seems to be the same
> "oplocks and caching" issue.. if you don't do ALL machines, the ones you
> don't do, can create the problems
> in either case, looking for reasons to NOT do it completely right,
> completely the same, is looking for reasons to allow it to fail.. paradox
> tables and indexes are a collection of files that MUST be written out
> concurrently.. one mistake, access to the table stops

but if you activate the smb1, there are two choices which can be made. you
can activate it:

    for server
    for client

of course for both too (i activate both)

and there's an option do disable Automatic Removal. I think, Win10 will not
remove it, if you activate it again (only after the first installation, if
nobody uses it within the first 15 days).

and a question to oplocs:

if smb1 is activated:
is it necessary to set the registry oplocs values for
     LanmanServer AND LanmanWorkstation
with the Parameters
the value to
     0 OR 1    (or different for Server / WS?)
I handled it years ago on older windows (vista, win 7, ...), but with Win10
I look now for the first time to this (because I thought, win10 handles it
itself as necessary).
If you know the answer, maybe you save my day and I have more time to spend
with other things.



> --
> Steven Green
> Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, USA
> Collectibles and Memorabilia
> Vintage Lego Sets and Parts
> - and Paradox support, too
> "Ivan"  wrote in message news:5e3668e1$
> disagree:
> as i know, exactly means the whole path should by the same but the drive
> letter. this can change on each workstation.
> period #2 ?
> i think read this as i was much younger and never had problems with it.
> additional question to smb1.
> i activate smb1 on win10 (and if necessary all others since win 7) again.
> but is it necessary to be activated on all pcs within a network, or just
> workstations? i.e. is it necessary for "server" too, or server don't need
> it?
> thanks for the answer.
> Ivan
> "Steven Green" <> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
> news:5e35cfc4$
>> "exactly" means "exactly".. if one app thinks f:\myapp is the same place
>> as the other app thinking it's p:\myapp, they don't know they're sharing
>> and you WILL get corruption when the files get written to
>> "exactly" means "exactly".. period !!
>> --
>> Steven Green
>> Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, USA
>> Collectibles and Memorabilia
>> Vintage Lego Sets and Parts
>> - and Paradox support, too
>> "Ivan"  wrote in message news:5e348637$
>> hi steven,
>> a question:
>>> all users must point to the same shared net file, using the EXACT same
>>> mapping/path.. it can't just resolve to the same location, it must be
>>> EXACTLY the same.. then, same thing for all shared data
>> what means EXACTLY exactly?
>> e.g. i've an app installed on the drive   P:\MyApp
>> NET DIR is set to P:\MyApp
>> then I share the whole drive P: within the network.
>> and have one (or more) worstations (ws1, ws2, ...).
>> eg. ws1 access the drive as N:
>> the ws2 as Z:
>> ...
>> and on ws1 the NET DIR is set to  N:\MyApp
>> on ws2 to Z:\MyApp
>> ...
>> i.e. all pcs points to the same directory MyApp on the "server" drive P:
>> do you see any problems? and if yes, why?
>> thanks
>> Ivan
>>> if you think it's all good, and it's not, re-running remlok32 will show
>>> you all net and lock files out there, per drive, and what net file the
>>> lock files are pointing to

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