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Subject:Re: Windows Server 2019
Date:14 Sep 2021 04:42:25 -0400
From:"Joaquin" <>

I have shared a folder on windows server 2019, read and write.
Copied tables, forms, sripts, etc. in that folder.
I run Paradox from my computer and I open a form or a table, I get the error
no more files.

The cfg file is on my computer.

I create a table in: Work :, when I press the create button it comes out
"No more files", I press create again, "no more files", the third time it
works, it is incredible.

I create a table in: priv: and it works perfectly

"Kevin Zawicki" <> wrote:
>That error can have many causes, most not directly related to Paradox. I
>don't think I have seen it in this context.
>Can you describe exactly what you are doing?
>Does paradox open?
>Can you create a table in PRIV?
>"Joaquin" <> wrote:
>>Thank you very much Steven, I am testing with Windows 2019 Server and when
>>I open the tables it gives the error "no more files".
>>I have seen that we have version 11 of WordPerfect Office and we cannot
>>to If I buy the latest version, would the tables, forms, etc
>>Again, thank you very much.
>>Steve Green <> wrote:
>>>> if Paradox works on windows 2019 server.
>>>Paradox 9/10/11 work fine.. the last patch for 11 is, which
>>>has been in every Corel WP Suite for many, many years
>>>Steven Green
>>>Myrtle Beach, South Carolina USA
>>>Collectibles and Memorabilia
>>>Vintage Lego Sets and Parts
>>>- and Paradox support, too

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