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Subject:Do we have paradox 9 consultants in London ideally?
Date:24 Sep 2021 21:07:14 -0400
From:"Touseef" <>

I won't go into too much details yet essentially the hospital lab for pharmacy
has a standalone winxp machine they assumed it was an inhouse database setup
by someone who retired years ago, now I realise it's Paradox 9, so I'm hoping
someone can fix it or migrate it, it's stopped working today after I fixed
the XP machine about a month ago, they've had issues with it printing for
some reason it started printing records from 2007 and now it doesn't create
a batch number and save properly, applications hangs and so on. I have no
idea what's going on and only had a few minutes to have a look before I went
home this evening, anyway if you're capable maybe we can get you in to have
a look, South London!

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