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Subject:Re: Table Full
Date:Mon, 11 Oct 2021 12:00:21 -0400
From:Steve Green <>
it's not the number of records you look at first, it's the block size

a level 7/8/9 table can have a block size of 2k (max size 128 meg), 4k 
(256 meg), 8k (512 meg), 16k (1 gig), or 32k (2 gig)

open the repair tool, it'll tell you the block size

if you need to increase it -

make a copy of the table
empty the copy
change the block size of the copy
add the original records to copy
rename the copy

do *not* try to change the block size with data in the table

also, there are known issues with sec indexes once the table gets to be 
more than half the max size for the block size, so try to keep you table 
sizes within that limit

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