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Subject:Re: Table Full
Date:12 Oct 2021 03:17:17 -0400
From:"Tony" <>

Steve Green <> wrote:
>it's not the number of records you look at first, it's the block size
>a level 7/8/9 table can have a block size of 2k (max size 128 meg), 4k 
>(256 meg), 8k (512 meg), 16k (1 gig), or 32k (2 gig)
>open the repair tool, it'll tell you the block size
>if you need to increase it -
>make a copy of the table
>empty the copy
>change the block size of the copy
>add the original records to copy
>rename the copy
>do *not* try to change the block size with data in the table
>also, there are known issues with sec indexes once the table gets to be

>more than half the max size for the block size, so try to keep you table

>sizes within that limit
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Thank you Steve really appreciate the info.Tony 

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