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Subject:Re: Finding a table an old report is linked to?
Date:Tue, 7 Dec 2021 14:27:32 -0500
From:Kirk Dickinson <>

Sorry I followed up with you directly instead of in the group. I pushed 
the wrong button.

Under the Define Field, if the table alias is the default in the data 
model, it shows MASTER. From the other post, I have to remove the alias 
name in the data model before it will actually show the table name there.

The Object Explorer/Properties shows the table name.


On 12/7/21 2:08 PM, Steven Green wrote:
 > if you right-click on a field, and select Define Field, it should 
show you
 > table name -> field name
 > and below that, the tables in the form/report
 > you can also go to Object Explorer / Properties, and one of the 
properties is Table Name, which I would assume is Master.db
 > if table name is Master, that's the actual name of the table.. I 
don't know anything about your app, but to me, that suggests that the 
data is the result of a query and/or programming steps, and the table 
was named / renamed Master

On 12/2/21 11:54 AM, Steve Green wrote:
> just like in a form, right-click on the fields or the tableband and the 
> fields, and you'll see the source tables

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