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Subject:Re: insufficient memory error
Date:16 Feb 2022 22:06:07 -0400
From:"Kevin Zawicki" <>

2 other computers hang trying to print to pdf (there is no error message
but the pdf is not created)

After the hang do they come back or do you have to task end Paradox or reboot
machine to clear the hang?

What is the default printer on these machines compared to others?
What is the default printer within Paradox at time of printing?
Are you switching printers in code?
Is there an application set of code or just using interactive paradox?

There are certain cases where paradox hangs when switching printers via code.

Mark Bannister <> wrote:
>That can be a few different things.  It could be a Window's update issue

>(effecting Paradox or PDF99).  See if all the computers are on the same

>update.  You can roll back updates in the short term until the issue 
>gets resolved by PDF99 if that is the case.
>It could be table corruption.
>I would first try and print the report via other methods and see if that

>works.  If the report fails by other printing methods then check for 
>table damage with the table repair tool.  If damaged, back it up, and 
>try using the table repair tool in Paradox.  If that does not work you 
>can recreate the table and copy the data into the new table.
>Mark Bannister
>On 2/15/2022 2:52 PM, Scott wrote:
>> Hello,
>> I am having an issue that popped up last week.
>> I have a computer with paradox 10 on windows 10 pro on a small network
>> computers total) using shared network drives on windows server 2016
>> Paradox runs fine on all computers(7 in total) on site except in one situation
>> that started last week.
>> One computer triggered an error "insufficient memory"
>> while trying to print to pdf using pdf995.
>> 2 other computers hang trying to print to pdf (there is no error message
>> but the pdf is not created)
>> 1 computer works fine creating pdf's.
>> the rest of the computers do not need to print to pdf.
>> I am at a loss for this and do not know where to start.
>> I am not a programmer or network admin.
>> i just know more about computers than everyone else in the business i
>> at.
>> Any help or direction would be amazing!!
>> Thanks
>> Sco

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