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Subject:Re: Report Print Reformat
Date:11 May 2022 21:16:12 -0400
From:"Kevin Zawicki" <>

This is not a bug exactly, but annoying.

Things to try:

What happens when you print the report not to screen, directly to printer?

When you open the report to screen do you hear a “ding” sound? What about
when print from screen?

Make a copy of the report, open to screen, delete some objects a few at a
time and try to find the culprit object. Groups and size to fit options might.

Open the report to screen, drop to design mode. Menu to File-Print-Report.
Dialog opens, go to Advanced tab.
What is the Overflow handling set at?
Try changing that.

"Steve L" <> wrote:
>I am using PDX 10 and am having an issue with printing certain reports.
>I generate a standard report which is formatted to print on a letter size
>page by running the RSL the data displays on screen with the standard windows
>pagination and print options in the tool bar. When I click the windows print
>icon I get a pop-up which informs me that each page needs to be reformatted
>and that the report needs to be regenerated. When I click OK the report
>regenerated followed by print window. This is a little cumbersome but ok
>when running the reports on a machine with the Paradox development version
>loaded. However, on any runtime machine when you click ok to reformat the
>program completely closes. Any clues how to bypass this. It's important
>be able to print only specific pages at times rather than the entire report.
>Steve L

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