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Subject:Re: Windows 11
Date:23 May 2022 18:42:32 -0400
From:"Danny K. Keen" <>

"Tony" <> wrote:
>Any one tried windows 11 yet?

I have used Paradox for many years and still use it.  It is still a powerful
programming language in its own right.

I have Windows 11 Pro installed and also Paradox and Runtime.  Both work
and I have very few issues.  

When we Print, reports, we print to the Microsoft Print to PDF.  The reports
look great, and we have options to save, email, etc. the reports.  Thus,
we are bypassing the Paradox Print Dialogue and avoid the long Printer name

When I run the Windows Event viewer, I see the Paradox runtime is faulting
but this is not on every machine.  I suspect that it is something conflicting
on this PC.  Even though the errors show, the program does not always crash.
 The IT company that serves us says to just ignore the errors, but I have
eliminated most of them by tweaking settings such as security or running
as Administrator.

I tweak the BDE as well as the Paradox icon.  I noticed that my Norton 360
seemed to cause some issues but have also eliminated them by tweaking settings
in Norton.

Sometimes Windows will load in an update that wreaks havoc on my system which
invariably affects Paradox.

Be glad to answer any other questions to anyone that may need help.


"I am having a better day today than I had yesterday and will have a better
day tomorrow than I had today." 

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