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Subject:Re: BDE Installer
Date:Fri, 23 Aug 2013 16:39:35 +0300
From:"Dumitrescu Silvian" <>
This installer is my best gift this year !
Many years I needed a tool to install a specific BDE (Formats\Date\MODE=1 ) 
for my application and country, and now I get this !
Unfortunately my second wish is still a dream, because I can not set :
Any other modification that I do, works, this one not !

In Installer was a little error, the word
but this correction was not enough.
Anyway thank you very much !

Dumitrescu Silvian

"Leslie Milburn" <> wrote in message
> "Leslie Milburn" <> wrote in message 
>> "Leslie Milburn" wrote:
>>> Hi all,
>>> Just to let you know that I have finally made the BDE installer 
>>> available
>>> on my website
>>> Here's the link:
>>> This has now been tested at over 50 diverse sites and has installed
>>> without any issues on the 32 Bit versions of both Windows Vista and
>>> Windows 7 RC. This has not been tested on a 64Bit version of Windows as 
>>> I
>>> do not have access to one.
>> Hi all,
>> I can now confirm this BDE installation works on Windows 7 RTM both 32 
>> Bit
>> and 64 Bit. It has now been tested at 80+ sites with no issues.
>> The readme file is slightly out of date at the time of this post, but I 
>> will
>> be updating it shortly.
>> If you do not have access to an installation package, then you can use
>> WinRAR to create a single executable which auto-executes (an almost 
>> silent
>> install as described in the readme file). I have done exactly this for an
>> older version of one of my products, so if you want to try it out then
>> here's the link: Database 
>> Engine
>> (CPro6).exe
> Opps, the link broke

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