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Subject:Re: BDE Installer
Date:Sun, 25 Aug 2013 21:30:41 +0300
From:"Dumitrescu Silvian" <>
You are right about the customers BDE settings...
But I do not know how to configure BDE from a Paradox code and, sorry, I 
don't undestand about what "Using the "-o" switch on the command line"
you talk :  a command line of the application installer(Inno etc.) or a 
Paradox - command line.

Thank you,
Dumitrescu Silvian

"Anders Jonsson" <> wrote in message 
> I understand what you say but my point is that instead of using a custom 
> install for the BDE, you "only" need to make sure that the user uses the 
> right shortcut to start your application. In my case my installation 
> creates a shortcut that specifices working directory, private directory, 
> the BDE-configuration file and my start up script.
> In this way I don't have to worry about the customers BDE settings. 
> Forcing "your" BDE-settings in the install could cause a conflict if the 
> user use the BDE for other things than your app. Maybe not so likely these 
> days, but why take the risk?
> I have no clue why Leslies installer doesn't work with your setting for 
> thousand separator. I don't use his installer. I always install the BDE 
> that come with P10 runtime and never change any BDE-settings on the client 
> side.
> With Windows Vista, 7 and 8, I don't rely on the settings I see in the 
> BDE-administrator is actually in use.
> Using the "-o" switch on the command line has been 100% reliable for me.
> Anders
> "Dumitrescu Silvian"  skrev i meddelandet 
> The problem is not in using/configuring BDE on my computer, is to install
> this with a specific configuration on the CUSTUMERS COMPUTERS !
> I used  Leslie Milburn instaler in Inno Instaler.
> I tested all parameters of [\SYSTEM\FORMATS\NUMBER] section,  :
> I set
> and ALL changes works, except the last : THOUSANDSEPARATOR=.
> What to do ?
> Dumitrescu S.
> "Anders Jonsson" <> wrote in message
>>> Many years I needed a tool to install a specific BDE 
>>> (Formats\Date\MODE=1 ) for my application and country, and now I get 
>>> this !
>>> Unfortunately my second wish is still a dream, because I can not set :
>> I prefer to use a custom config-file and use the "-o" switch on the 
>> command line that starts my app to point to the custom config-fle. In 
>> this way I can be sure the settings are correct, and would I need to make 
>> any changes in the future, it's much easier to do than to modify the BDE.
>> Anders

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