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Subject:Re: BDE Installer
Date:Mon, 26 Aug 2013 22:10:38 +1000
From:"Leslie Milburn" <>
"Dumitrescu Silvian" wrote:

> tried the BDE installer without the additional 'S' in the bdesupp.ini
> file, but it isn't enought...

Correct, The problem is that the BDE requires the setting with a single S
and it is getting supplied with the double S and is rejecting the setting. I
will update it on the weekend.

This is the first bug report in about 3-5 years now. I think because most of
us use the , for that setting it just never got noticed before. Well Done.
Can I assume that all the other settings get set correctly ?

> Regarding the Rodney Wise provided OPAL code I lost a lot of time trying
> that code but i received only a lot of errors.

From memory, I think you really needed to understand how Paradox and the BDE
worked together. But essentially you could get the BDE session handle from
Paradox and then use that to make runtime changes using the BDE API.

> I wroted to Rodney Wise, many years ago, on this problem but I have not
> received any answer.

No, he no longer bothers so much, since a health scare quite a while ago
now, must be nearly 10 years I would say.

> Sorry, there is someone who have modified the BDE with that code ?

I am not sure who else did, I abandoned Paradox long ago and now use the BDE
API directly when working with Paradox databases.

Even though I use my installer to install the BDE (with all the extras that
has to be done manually after the Paradox BDE install), after that point in
time, with the exception of persisting aliases for 3rd party applications
(Crystal Reports), I never actually modify the BDE for settings such as Date
format and so on. I do all of that at runtime each time my application
starts**. And I state again that using an alternative cfg file is going to
cause grief in an environment where there is more than 1 BDE application
running at a time, not all of us are as fortunate as Anders.

** There is one exception to this rule, I do make a runtime check for Local
Share being TRUE or FALSE, give a warning and then modify the cfg so that
persists as well.

I do agree with Anders that Windows 7 & 8 are quite BDE friendly, but
Windows Vista was a nightmare. I remember that the Paradox BDE install does
not work well with limited (non-administrator) accounts, and you had to do
all of these manual changes, permissions etc on the registry, copy over the
4GB patched version of the BDE, add a manifest for the BDE admin and so on.
I found that manual process is just asking for trouble, especially for those
of us who have absolutely no control, nor access to the target machines.
Asking a receptionist to do some of this over the phone is just not gonig to
fly. So I think using an ini file to allow customization is so easy that I
am surprised it was not done before.

What I find really strange, is that I get nothing but thanks from people all
over the world when they use my BDE installer (I am up to over 10000
downloads now), but on these groups with the exception of one or two people
most of the feedback has been borderline hostile. I do not understand why
that is the case, but there you go...... horse to water and all that.

So my recommendation is to listen to any feedback you get here and then make
up your own mind as to your action plan.

I will post to the group when I have updated the installer.

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