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Subject:Re: BDE Installer
Date:Mon, 26 Aug 2013 15:40:47 +0300
From:"Dumitrescu Silvian" <>
I tested all settings in [\SYSTEM\FORMATS\NUMBER] and all are working 
(changing the BDE settings) except the named one.
The [\SYSTEM\FORMATS\DATE] MODE=1 is working (making me happy !)
{IF LOWER} instructions are working, modifiing the initial settings
of the Paradox installation.

"Leslie Milburn" <> wrote in message
> "Dumitrescu Silvian" wrote:
>> tried the BDE installer without the additional 'S' in the bdesupp.ini
>> file, but it isn't enought...
> Correct, The problem is that the BDE requires the setting with a single S
> and it is getting supplied with the double S and is rejecting the setting. 
> I
> will update it on the weekend.
> This is the first bug report in about 3-5 years now. I think because most 
> of
> us use the , for that setting it just never got noticed before. Well Done.
> Can I assume that all the other settings get set correctly ?
>> Regarding the Rodney Wise provided OPAL code I lost a lot of time trying
>> that code but i received only a lot of errors.
> From memory, I think you really needed to understand how Paradox and the 
> worked together. But essentially you could get the BDE session handle from
> Paradox and then use that to make runtime changes using the BDE API.
>> I wroted to Rodney Wise, many years ago, on this problem but I have not
>> received any answer.
> No, he no longer bothers so much, since a health scare quite a while ago
> now, must be nearly 10 years I would say.
>> Sorry, there is someone who have modified the BDE with that code ?
> I am not sure who else did, I abandoned Paradox long ago and now use the 
> API directly when working with Paradox databases.
> Even though I use my installer to install the BDE (with all the extras 
> that
> has to be done manually after the Paradox BDE install), after that point 
> in
> time, with the exception of persisting aliases for 3rd party applications
> (Crystal Reports), I never actually modify the BDE for settings such as 
> Date
> format and so on. I do all of that at runtime each time my application
> starts**. And I state again that using an alternative cfg file is going to
> cause grief in an environment where there is more than 1 BDE application
> running at a time, not all of us are as fortunate as Anders.
> ** There is one exception to this rule, I do make a runtime check for 
> Local
> Share being TRUE or FALSE, give a warning and then modify the cfg so that
> persists as well.
> I do agree with Anders that Windows 7 & 8 are quite BDE friendly, but
> Windows Vista was a nightmare. I remember that the Paradox BDE install 
> does
> not work well with limited (non-administrator) accounts, and you had to do
> all of these manual changes, permissions etc on the registry, copy over 
> the
> 4GB patched version of the BDE, add a manifest for the BDE admin and so 
> on.
> I found that manual process is just asking for trouble, especially for 
> those
> of us who have absolutely no control, nor access to the target machines.
> Asking a receptionist to do some of this over the phone is just not gonig 
> to
> fly. So I think using an ini file to allow customization is so easy that I
> am surprised it was not done before.
> What I find really strange, is that I get nothing but thanks from people 
> all
> over the world when they use my BDE installer (I am up to over 10000
> downloads now), but on these groups with the exception of one or two 
> people
> most of the feedback has been borderline hostile. I do not understand why
> that is the case, but there you go...... horse to water and all that.
> So my recommendation is to listen to any feedback you get here and then 
> make
> up your own mind as to your action plan.
> I will post to the group when I have updated the installer.
> Leslie.

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