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Subject:Re: BDE Installer
Date:Wed, 28 Aug 2013 15:20:53 +0300
From:"Dumitrescu Silvian" <>
There are two aspects :

a) BDE client installation via Paradox application install

b) using BDE for Paradox application

a) BDE installation

It is about the BDE that Paradox RunTime installs to the client who uses 
application :

- default BDE, from RunTime installer

- another BDE, after the default BDE, previously, like the Leslie Milburn 

and about the risk of the modifications of an BDE already existing on the 
client computer.

In any of this two cases, already existing BDE risks to be modified !

In my case I make two changes in BDE :

Date format :

Whatever Windows-Regional Settings date format is, at the RunTime-BDE 
installation, the BDE Date format will be :

MODE=0 (MM/dd/yyyy)

and I need :

MODE=1 (dd/MM/yyyy) (day-month-year "This ... sequence is common to the vast 
majority of the world's countries" -

Because in my european-country MODE=1 is mandatory, I can suppose that 
others BDE users uses this date format too...

The second setting isn't mandatory :


I need this setting for communication with some models of cash register.

I correct this separator under Paradox-code, but, to be sure about, I prefer 
to modify here too.

This second setting seems not to be "dangerous"..

Conclusion : the two settings looks or commonly or not very important for 
anyone who use DBE, so I can risk to modify this BDE settings at the 
installation of my application, the runtime installation itself modifying 
the initial settings from the client computer !

The Leslie Milburn installation is very good for me !

b) current using of BDE on Paradox application

I launch my application directly from a desktop icon, a shortcut to an 
Paradox form.

But I like the Anders Jonsson point of view too if I'll totaly understand it 

It supose to make a second BDE configuration, to save that with a different 
name (can I ?) and call that new configuration on the command line of the 
Paradox first launch.

Must study that !

Thank you both !

Dumitrescu Silvian

"Anders Jonsson" <> wrote in message 
>>  sorry, I don't undestand about what "Using the "-o" switch on the 
>> command line"
>> you talk :  a command line of the application installer(Inno etc.) or a 
>> Paradox - command line.
> I'm talking about the command line that starts your application.
> If you search the Paradox help for "Command-line" you will get the full 
> listing of the different options.
> What I have done is to create a BDE configuration file that includes all 
> the settings I need for my application. I then supply that config-file 
> together with my application and make sure that the application is started 
> with a shortcut that include the -o pointing to my config file.
> Here is one example from this computer:
> "C:\Program Files (x86)\Corel\WordPerfect Office 
> 2002\Programs\pdxwin32.exe" -c -q -p E:\Databas\PdoxPriv\Test -o 
> E:\Databas\CFG\ANSI.CFG -w E:\Databas\App\Test Start.ssl
> I agree with Leslie that there is a problem with a custom config-file as 
> Paradox will not allow you to run separate session with different config 
> files in use. In my case that is not a real problem.
> I really don't want to mess with the default settings of the BDE. What if 
> the user have another application that uses the BDE? If that application 
> expects a certain number format, date format och language driver it could 
> cause a lot of problem. What if the user change the BDE settings after the 
> install? For me the "-o" seems to be the most reliable way to ensure that 
> my settings are in use for my application.
> The reason why I never have used Leslies BDE-installer is that I prefer to 
> do as little as possible. With "my" approach I can use the default 
> installation of the BDE that comes with P10 runtime which is very 
> convenient as I don't use a professional installer for my applications (I 
> use a simple BAT-file).
> We are all working in different environments and I don't claim my method 
> to be optimal, but it works for me and it seems like it could work for you 
> as well.
> Anders

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