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Subject:Re: BDE Installer
Date:Mon, 16 Sep 2013 13:11:36 +1000
From:"Leslie Milburn" <>
"Dumitrescu Silvian" <> wrote in message
> Please excuse me for my insistence, but I can not complete my installer 
> that I added BDE installer ..
> I check my email box a few times a day .
> If the change is not possible (lack of time, etc..), please let me know 
> ...
> Have a nice day !

Working on it!!

There is a painful lesson to be learnt in this ever increasing "internet" 
driven world and the changing of hands of tools such as Installshield:

I cannot find my Installshield Express 12 disc which is what I used for the 
BDE installer - I have the earlier discs but they do not support elevation, 
so no good.

So I have spent the last week trying to order either a replacement disc or 
get a download. What a joke this has turned out to be. When I bought it, 
Installshield was owned by Macrovision which was then bought by Acresso and 
who are now named Flexera. The outcome of this is that somewhere in there my 
installshield account has been lost or deleted and so I cannot simply 
download a copy again. Incredible !!

So, on Friday morning I tried to get a trial download of the latest version 
and the lack of trust is amazing. Sure you have to fill out a form, BUT 
before you get the email with the link, it has to be "approved" by someone 
in Flexera. So, being a Friday they all must have gone down the pub because 
I only just got the email today, thats 3 days. That is just a joke on todays 
market. Given that the price of their software is becoming astronomical, if 
this trial version does not measure up then I will be going elsewhere 
becuase this experience has left a sour taste in my mouth.

As to the installer, I spent the week running various tests on WIndows 8 and 
there are no issues. SO, as soon as I get installhield happening again it 
will not take long at all.

Not much consolation I know, but thats life.

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