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Subject:Re: BDE Installer
Date:Mon, 16 Sep 2013 13:25:47 +1000
From:"Leslie Milburn" <>

"Leslie Milburn" wrote:

> Given that the price of their software is becoming astronomical,

And its not only the price.

The full download is now 193Mb which is over 3 times the size of Version 12. 
I bet this thing has been written using .NET because I cannot imagine why it 
would bloat out to be so large in only 6 years. This is the Express Version 
which is supposed to be the quick and compact Wizard driven version. I can 
only imagine how large full Installshield must now be.

Long gone are the days when it fitted on 2 floppy discs and yet really it 
does little more than what it did back then. I cry out for some decent 
developers in these software companies, where have they all gone ?


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