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Subject:Re: ProView and Oracle - Missing Column Names
Date:Tue, 08 May 2012 16:28:13 +1000
From:Tom Krieg <"Please use the website contact form">
I like free. I used the MS products that came with SQL Server. 
Unfortunately, the (open source) admin tool for PostgreSQL is pathetic. 
And I believe there isn't one for Firebird. So to get a half-decent 
admin tool you have to buy it. Although SQL Maestro has a cut-down free 
version, like the Firebird one).

For plans, there is a free add-on called Query Analyzer which 
integrates. Not sure about version control, never looked for it. I'm 
sure it's in there somewhere, or available as an add-on.

On 8/05/2012 11:37 AM, Larry DiGiovanni wrote:
> Larry DiGiovanni wrote:
>> I haven't looked at SQL Maestro but just bookmarked it for later
>> perusing.
> I just reviewed the product tour. Either it doesn't have a plan viewer,
> or I didn't see it.
> Also looks like no support for version control tools like VSS, CVS or SVN.
> If either of these are true, I'm not sure I see the value.
> --
> Larry DiGiovanni

Tom Krieg

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