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Subject:Re: ProView and Oracle - Missing Column Names
Date:Tue, 08 May 2012 23:16:15 +1000
From:Robert Molyneux <>
On 8/05/2012 10:58 AM, Tom Krieg wrote:
> On 8/05/2012 10:28 AM, Larry DiGiovanni wrote:
>> This goes directly to the advice of not binding remote tables to forms,
>> because this is inherently fragile, and an update to any one of the
>> components (not all of which you may be able to freeze) can break your
>> setup.
> I suspect (although I may be wrong because I often am) that Robert is
> using Paradox to look at Oracle databases to determine the table
> structures and layouts. In which case, using views won't provide the
> information he wants.
> I still insist that Paradox is an unsuitable tool to do this with, an
> Admin tool for the brand of database in question should be used. Just
> for the reasons Robert has encountered.

You are almost right.

I am reviewing a 15 year old application for "fitness for purpose".

I actually have an A0 drawing of the tables, their columns and their 
relationships, courtesy of the organisation's IT people.

First, I need to know how the database handles assets including 
complexes - assets with sub-assets with sub-sub-assets and so on.

Then I need to know how extensible the database is to handle different 
classes of assets - bridges, tunnels, gantries and so on

Then I am interested is understanding what the various GRUNTS, GUFFAWS, 
WHEEZES, SNEEZES and HIC_COUGHS mean - where do real men get their 
naming conventions?

I am chasing down what documentation about the columns and their 
contents is available - bit like Raiders of the Lost Ark.

Then the next thing is to check critical data for quality / consistency 
/ integrity.

For example:

- given four fields called LATITUDE, LONGITUDE and EASTING, NORTHING, 
what are the chances of reliably knowing where 9,000 road bridges are 
located? Or 80,000 culverts?

- given a field called VERT_CLEAR and a field called SIGNAGE, what are 
the chances of a bridge with VERT_CLEAR of 4.5 metres being signposted 
with a sign saying "Clearance 5 metres".

So far I can open a tcursor on an Oracle table, and copy the contents, 
with suitable transformations, into a Paradox table, that I can then 
slice and dice.

I do NOT want to use the Oracle tables in forms or reports.

I know I can use MS Access (and I am) but it is such a clunker compared 
to Paradox and VM ProView!

And I want to use an existing Paradox asset management system as a 
demonstration / prototype of asset management functionality, so I want 
to grab some real data to show users how it can be done.

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