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Subject:Your Experience with Chimney Sweep 6.0
Date:Fri, 23 Jan 2015 07:21:37 -0500
From:Joe Misko <>
Hi All,

Looking for comments from those who have used prior versions and are now 
on 6.0.

We are trying to decide whether to hold out with what we have for the 
final 6 months or buy the CS version that we can run on our 64-bit 
machines. I know CS version 6.0 was a complete rewrite, which in general 
for applications can be either very good or very bad. Does it work just 
as well at finding and fixing issues as prior versions? Does it have any 
new features/diagnostics (we are only interested in basic usage/repair)? 
Is the quality as good? Or did the rewrite for 32-bit end up more like 
starting over as a version 1.0 product?

Thanks for your feedback,

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