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Subject:Opening MS Access files in Paradox 11
Date:24 Jun 2017 20:50:28 -0400
From:"Andy" <>

I'm using Paradox on a computer running Windows 10 Pro version

I need to read some .mdb files.  I've tried following the directions in 
the Paradox Help file - putting the Access table name into the BDE Administrator
and selecting IDDA3532.DLL in the DLL32 field.  The help file refers to "opening
MS access tables in paradox using the MS Access alias you just created,"
but I'm not sure what "Alias" means in this context.

Having followed all the steps, when I attempt to use the Open Table dialogue
and click on the directory holding the .mdb file, I get an error message
"-2147221164" and then (clicking the forward arrow) "Table."

If I attempt to Import the MS Access file using the Import utility, the message
is a little more comprehensible:
"Could not open" [the Access table name].  You need to install the Data Access
Objects (DAO).
(The quotation marks appear exactly as above in the error message.)

Can someone out there give me a step-by-step guide to installing whatever
it is that I need and then configuring BDE and Paradox correctly?

Many thanks,
Andy in Sydney

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