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Subject:Re: nothing important
Date:Thu, 23 Nov 2006 11:37:23 +0100
From:"moroivan" <>
>> I was under the impression that Vista 64 bit won't run Win16 programs but
>> Vista x86 will.

i've posted it, because it's a discussion between vfp users, where the vfp
2.6 and older vfp versions will be killed by vista. and the vfp-people says,
that there's no way to save these old versions, because win16 is completely
out of vista.

i myself haven't vista, nor i've tested it.

> Is there any old 16-bit program included in XP that one can easily copy
> over
> to a Vista box? I would be happy to test.

would be nice to see that "experience".

> Why would Microsoft drop all
> support for 16-bit programs or/and DOS programs in Vista? What would they
> gain by removing that possibility? Wouldn't that just affect the sales
> figures? If you can't runt your old programs you might not upgrade.

this is simply not true. perhaps some people will not upgrade (not
important), or will upgrade much later. but if there's no other alternative
few years later, they have to upgrade - to something (regardless what).

look to my postings about pdox-future: "a kind of foxdox".
nearly no one says anything about it (e.g. good / bad idea, why yes or why
and the companies knows about their users. some of them (like you and i and
few others) will cry a little bit and then follow (purchase a new software,
because there are no other alternatives).

and i can understand these companies (even the biggest of them). why should
they invest one cent to the wishes of the users, as long the users themselfs
don't know, what they want (except - nothing has to change and everything
should work). this is simply not enough and a company can save much money,
if they ignore it (make new versions, which are not compatible and more
expensive - and the show goes on).

therefore - why living in the past? the caravan goes it's way. let's not to
be the last one.


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