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Subject:Paradox v9 High CPU usage
Date:7 Apr 2008 08:40:42 -0400
From:"Anthony Di Fazio" <>

Afternoon All

I am having an issue with Paradox V9 using 70+% of the CPU.

The database is held on a 2003 SBS.
There is a netowrk of 5 PCs and the server.
There is one PC that is having the issue, all others seem fine.

I have excluded the local directories (corel and bordland) from anti-virus
scanning) and have disabled the network scanning.

But when ever paradox is open the CPU jumps to 100% , most of which is used
by paradox (the rest is used by other windows programs and the remote software
i am using to check the system).

if I open the preferences menu in the tool bar, the CPU usage will drop to
normal amounts, but as soon as i close the menu, it will rocket back to 100%

Any help would be thanked.


Anthony Di Fazio
Storm IT

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