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Subject:Re: Can someone answer this?
Date:Sat, 14 May 2016 22:40:00 -0600
From:Liz McGuire <>
You will need to index the FK, also, you can actually set up a foreign 
key, which will like the tables, create constraints, and should speed 
things up (but won't break things like in Paradox, unless you actually 
need to break the FK rules).

Glad you found a solution - hurray for Larry! :)


On 14 May 2016 20:35, Tom Krieg wrote:
> Hi Liz,
> I was using the primary key. The where clause referenced the PK of the
> table. Good to know about indexing all the where clause fields in
> future. Should I also index foreign-key fields, or does sql server take
> care of that?
> I need to update with a cursor because I'm assigning the next value of a
> sequence to each record.
> I suspect it was RAM (only 8GB) and not committing until the end. Once I
> committed every 1000 records, the problem was solved.

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