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Subject:Re: Performance Issue Mouse
Date:Sun, 29 Apr 2018 12:53:38 +1000
From:Tom Krieg <>
Hi Thies,

One thing I forgot to ask, where is the database? On your local machine? 
On an in-house server? On a remote server? Where is the table attached 
to the tcursor located?

Also, you mentioned PC and Laptop. What are the network speeds on each? 
How is the laptop configured? Maximum Performance? Or Maximum Battery? 
Because maximum battery will kill performance (especially network 

Because in this scenario, with a tcursor, you will have one round trip 
to the server and back for each record. And a Paradox fetch for each 
record. And all the Paradox overhead for record fetch as well as the 
overheads for Paradox to format an ODBC link. So depending on how your 
laptop is configured, it's going to be either a lot, or just a bit, 
slower than your PC. The processor means diddly-squat on a laptop in 
most cases (unless you're rendering 36 mPixel images in Photoshop or 
Excposure3, or mining Bitcoin in your spare time). What limits a laptop 
are the hard disk speeds, bus speeds and network speeds, plus all the 
drivers in memory a laptop needs to work.

Do a test on a bulk insert. You won't need a workaround for the mouse 
pointer. Because you'll only need ONE ExecuteSQL, rather than thousands.

Thies Grimm wrote:

> On my machine about 8400 MS, on my Notebook about 330000 ms.
> If the user moves the mouse out of the Paradox Windows everything is much
> faster. So my Workaround:
> On my machine about 7900 MS, not much of a difference, but on my Notebook
> about 11000 ms. This is 30 times faster!
> It is a new Notebook, i5 processor.

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