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Subject:Re: Performance Issue Mouse
Date:7 May 2018 15:17:17 -0400
From:"Thies Grimm" <>

Hi to all and thanks for your answers.

sorry for my late answer, but I just spent some holidays in Denmark - beach,
sunshine, ...

The database is on an in-house SQL-server, linked to my PC and Notebook via
the companies network using MS SQL-ODBC driver.

Hi Tom, bulk copy is a good idea, but we don't have the rights for doing

and you are rihgt:

Paradox -> ODBC (Cursor changes to SQL hourglass)
ODBC -> SQL Server Insert
SQL Server -> ODBC (returnm code)
ODBC -> Paradox (return)
Cursor changes to hourglass

is very slow. But the time consuming part is (Cursor changes to hourglass),
about 95% of the time.

This is happening for anything we do on the server. Scrolling through our
form - about 10 SQL-Statements on each Masterrecord. Unbelievebale slow with
the mouse, very fast without mouse.
  ... arrive

   pntMouse = getMouseScreenPosition()

works much faster, but the user has for the time no mouse, which confuses
some of our users.

Hi Jim, delayScreenUpdates(yes) ==> no effect

Hi Leslie, SetCapture() outside the loop ==> no effect
How do you use the LockWindowUpdate() function? I don't get it to work. 

Hi Tom, the database is on an in-house server. When I am back in the office
(next week) I check the notebook network and performance settings. Thanks.

Yes, again thanks to all of you and this wonderful newsgroup.


Tom Krieg <> wrote:
>Hi Thies,
>One thing I forgot to ask, where is the database? On your local machine?

>On an in-house server? On a remote server? Where is the table attached 
>to the tcursor located?
>Also, you mentioned PC and Laptop. What are the network speeds on each?

>How is the laptop configured? Maximum Performance? Or Maximum Battery? 
>Because maximum battery will kill performance (especially network 
>Because in this scenario, with a tcursor, you will have one round trip 
>to the server and back for each record. And a Paradox fetch for each 
>record. And all the Paradox overhead for record fetch as well as the 
>overheads for Paradox to format an ODBC link. So depending on how your 
>laptop is configured, it's going to be either a lot, or just a bit, 
>slower than your PC. The processor means diddly-squat on a laptop in 
>most cases (unless you're rendering 36 mPixel images in Photoshop or 
>Excposure3, or mining Bitcoin in your spare time). What limits a laptop

>are the hard disk speeds, bus speeds and network speeds, plus all the 
>drivers in memory a laptop needs to work.
>Do a test on a bulk insert. You won't need a workaround for the mouse 
>pointer. Because you'll only need ONE ExecuteSQL, rather than thousands.
>Thies Grimm wrote:
>> On my machine about 8400 MS, on my Notebook about 330000 ms.
>> If the user moves the mouse out of the Paradox Windows everything is much
>> faster. So my Workaround:
>> On my machine about 7900 MS, not much of a difference, but on my Notebook
>> about 11000 ms. This is 30 times faster!
>> It is a new Notebook, i5 processor.

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