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Subject:Re: new sever now new problems. lock time out/file location paradox
Date:Sun, 3 Feb 2019 12:49:47 -0700
From:Liz McGuire <>
It's not a question of whether this is "the cause" - when oplocks are 
disabled, it is known to cause problems with file-based databases like 
Paradox.  It may not be the cause of this particular problem, but it is 
a problem. Period.

For a (multi-user) file-based database to work correctly, the server 
must have oplocks and disk caching both disabled.


On 01 Feb 2019 13:11, scott hersman wrote:
>          i read about oplocks on prestwood forum...
>          my network admin wants more proof this is the
>          cause before he makes changes.

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