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Subject:Re: Postgresql connection
Date:8 Feb 2019 04:40:47 -0400
From:"Thies Grimm" <>

Hello Tom,

you shared a postgress Library? 

where do I find it?

I'd love to look at it.


Mark Bannister <> wrote:
>I've been going through your library you shared a while (thank you very

>much) and that all makes sense so far.
>So I still use PRIV directory as I do now, that's good.
>Currently I use sub-set data in PRIV for any form that is being edited.

>I use a flag field to know if it is changed,deleted, etc.  I assume I 
>still need the flag field? Oh, just noticed you were doing it 
>immediately.  I think I like my way better.  You have a chance to undo 
>any edit but it is the same logic.  (Immediately is a bit cleaner and 
>less prone to issues though I would think.)
>I knew about pass-through SQL but I'm not sure how it works. Looks like

>executeSQL is pass-through by default though from the help.
>I've been slowly converting all queries to sql over the last year.  The

>down side is that local sql is so quirky and simple that many queries 
>have to be broken into smaller ones in order to work.
>Finally a real question, do you display data in forms directly from the

>postgreSQL server (not sub-set data) and use the Pdox datamodel linking?
>On 2/2/2019 6:27 PM, Tom Krieg wrote:
>> Yes, you still need the BDE. HOWEVER, if you design everything 
>> correctly, you can have a library that handles the calls to the SQL 
>> database, use pass-through SQL (i.e. don't use the pgSQL database in 
>> TCursors or the data model) and use SQL to extract subsets of the 
>> database to local (priv) tables for forms, reports etc etc. There is an

>> easy way to display records (extracted from a SQL database to priv) in
>> tableframe and trap datapost or dataunlock, format an UPDATE query and

>> send that to the database. So if users update a record in a TF, the 
>> update is immediately pushed to the pgSQL server. If you think it 
>> through carefully you will have a quick and efficient database that has

>> none of the Paradox limitations, index problems or RI problems. Also,

>> users do not need to have localshare=TRUE and don't need to share a NET

>> file.
>> Better still, if you put all your business logic, update logic and 
>> extract logic in functions, the database server handles those for you.

>> Just use Paradox for display windows, the GUI and reports.
>> Mark Bannister wrote on 3/02/2019 3:27 AM:
>>> So, I can't completely get rid of BDE then?  Everything still goes 
>>> through  BDE?
>>> On 2/1/2019 7:22 PM, Tom Krieg wrote:
>>>> If your BDE isn't configured to create ODBC aliases automatically, 
>>>> then yes.
>>>> Mark Bannister wrote on 2/02/2019 9:39 AM:
>>>>> I'm confused.
>>>>> I've seen a few posts about using postgresql but am unclear about 
>>>>> the role of the BDE.
>>>>> I created a System ODBC connection to my postsgres server.
>>>>> Now do I have to create an alias in the BDE....?
>>>>> -- 
>>>>> Mark B

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