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Subject:Re: Postgresql connection
Date:11 Feb 2019 04:47:54 -0400
From:"Thies Grimm" <>

Hi Tom,
Don't hurry. I'd love to get it someday ...

Tom Krieg <> wrote:
>Thies, that was a while ago. All my Paradox stuff is now on offsite 
>backups. I'm pretty busy and can't get to the backups easily (would have

>to have a backup tape delivered and restore and unencrypt a hard drive).

>Yes, I still use tape for offsite backup. The old "once a day for a 
>week, once a week for a month, once a month for a year and once a year 
>forever". Also works with Linseed Oil on timber. :-)
>I'm working with PostgreSQL and Visual Studio / .NET Core so I don't 
>have anything Paradox related on my computer. I'll see if I can get it 
>down as soon as I have some spare time and need some tapes delivered.
>Thies Grimm wrote on 8/02/2019 7:40 PM:
>> Hello Tom,
>> you shared a postgress Library?
>> where do I find it?
>> I'd love to look at it.
>> Thies

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