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Subject:Re: Postgresql indexes issue with lower function
Date:Fri, 13 Mar 2020 15:22:57 +1100
From:Tom Krieg <>

I forgot to add this:

Using pass-through SQL means the BDE just acts like a tunnel between the 
form and the server. The BDE turns the results  of your sql into a table 
or in-memory tcursor.

Paradox Form/Library SQL --> BDE Tunnel --> ODBC --> Database
             <-------------  Table/TC <------------------

Virtually every one of my SQL commands in a Paradox app is

SELECT * FROM "SomeFunctionName" (data, data, data, ... etc ... ,data);

The functions do everything, update, extract, get some data, assign 
record keys etc. Some functions return tables, others return multiple or 
single values, others nothing at all (they either execute or they 
don't). Paradox is only used for the UI. It's amazing how you can use 
Paradox when you don't have the restrictions of the BDE.

On 13/03/2020 12:21 pm, Tom Krieg wrote:
> Connecting directly is like
> Tcursor/Tableframe --> BDE --> SQL Commands --> ODBC --> PG Database

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