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Subject:Performance problem opening database on SQL-server
Date:Fri, 20 Mar 2020 15:27:50 +0100
From:Anders Jonsson <>
I have a strange problem.

My client has two shops and the app I POS system. The app connects to a 
MS SQL server on a remote site. The app uses two different databases but 
on the same server. Each shop has one PC running the app using Paradox 
10 runtime.

We now switched to Windows 10 on both shops. I installed the PCs with 
the same setup.

My app configures an ODBC user-DSN in code to enable a connection to the 
server and I have two different aliases using this DSN, one for each 
database. The aliases are created in code too. Of course, the code used 
on both locations is the same.

I now have a problem with slow performance for certain SQL operations. I 
have created a test function that measures three things.

-	Opening the database
-	Selecting records
-	Inserting records

In both shops the select and insert is no problem. The difference in 
time are within a few percent and consistent. The difference is probably 
because differences in Internet connection.

But when it comes to open the database variable  its get really weird! 
In one shop it takes 120 milliseconds. The time is the same for both 

However, in the second shop, opening a db variable to one of the 
databases take 13000 milliseconds!! To the other one it is OK.

Nothing has changed in the code and I use the same setup in all of my 

I have used Windows 10 for years for other clients as well

Any idea what could cause this?

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