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Subject:Re: Performance problem opening database on SQL-server
Date:Sat, 21 Mar 2020 11:34:51 +0100
From:Anders Jonsson <>
Yes, both shops connect to same server.

There are only 2 databases which both shops connect two..

The hardware is 100% the same.

Every setup should be the same as everything is created in code, the DSN 
is created from Paradox by writing to the registry. Alias are created in 
a start script.

This setup has workded for over 10 years for this client and other 
clients have similar setup without problem.

What is really strange is that it's the opening of the database that 
takes 100 times longer than normal. Once opened, other operations are 
not affected.


One SQL server with two databases

Shop 1 to Database A - OK
Shop 1 to Database B - OK
Shop 2 to Database A - Problem to Open, after that OK
Shop 2 to Database B - OK

It's just doesn't make any sense.

No, I haven't tried different DSN, that will be my next step. There must 
be something causing this, but what?

Thanks for your input Tom!


Den 2020-03-21 kl. 10:06, skrev Tom Krieg:
> Do both shops connect to the same server? If so, are the 2 databases for 
> each shop unique? Or is Database 1 for Shop 1 the same database as 
> datbaase 1 for Shop 2?
> Have you tried a different DSN for each alias?

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