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Subject:Re: Performance problem opening database on SQL-server
Date:Mon, 23 Mar 2020 08:48:02 +1000
From:Leslie <"ViaThe List">
Have you checked things such as a Hardware/Software VPN?

On 22/03/2020 6:55 PM, Anders Jonsson wrote:
> Den 2020-03-22 kl. 01:53, skrev Tom Krieg:
>> Let us know what happens with seperate DSNs.
> I will work with this again tomorrow, will let you know what I find.
>> Could it be it requires tweaking for Windows 10 clients?
> That would of course be the first thought. But as one shop is OK and the
> other isn't and all config is done in code, I can't see how.
> I have used Win 10 in my development envirnoment for many years and
> other clients are using Win 10 for other apps without problem.

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