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Subject:Re: Performance problem opening database on SQL-server
Date:Tue, 24 Mar 2020 10:32:28 +0100
From:Anders Jonsson <>
Thanks for the input, but I think my case is different. There is 
actually no table or file operation involved in the opening of the 
databse. Once opened, everytghing run fine.


Den 2020-03-23 kl. 13:35, skrev Steven Green:
> using ordinary paradox tables, we've seen several instances over the 
> past few months where two different access sets have different results.. 
> the ordinary network logins are fine, but on the terminal server logins, 
> one table or one file will refuse to cooperate.. disturbingly similar to 
> your situation..
> in each case, even completely deleting and replacing the table failed to 
> change anything.. after a few days, the problem went away, each time.. 
> it's like a file name got stuck somewhere

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