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Subject:Best way to Add from Paradox Table to AWS Postgres Table
Date:Sun, 10 May 2020 17:38:25 +1000
From:Robert MacMillan <>
So adding works just fine using a standard add. Just like in Liz's 
question from years ago. It is pretty slow though so I am rapidly going 
to run into performance problems.

I am wondering whether a scan reading each record into a dynamic array 
then inserting a blank record at the other end and then copyfromarray 
will work better and faster?

Also if one uses this method does it also mean that as long as the field 
names are identical then the order of fields in the two tables can be 

And supplementary question. Does that also mean that as long as every 
field is in the AWS table then that table could contain additional 
fields that the rows will fill in correctly and fields that are not in 
the Paradox Table but are in the AWS Table will be left blank? I presume 
if the AWS Postgresql Table has fields that are not allowed to be null 
that it wont work?

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