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Subject:Re: Best way to Add from Paradox Table to AWS Postgres Table
Date:Sun, 10 May 2020 18:11:44 +1000
From:Tom Krieg <>
Every one of those is going to give you headaches. Why don't you just 
export Paradox data to a csv, and bulk add it into PostgrsSQL? You can 
create a Paradox script to do that.

On 10/05/2020 5:38 pm, Robert MacMillan wrote:
> So adding works just fine using a standard add. Just like in Liz's 
> question from years ago. It is pretty slow though so I am rapidly going 
> to run into performance problems.
> I am wondering whether a scan reading each record into a dynamic array 
> then inserting a blank record at the other end and then copyfromarray 
> will work better and faster?
> Also if one uses this method does it also mean that as long as the field 
> names are identical then the order of fields in the two tables can be 
> different?
> And supplementary question. Does that also mean that as long as every 
> field is in the AWS table then that table could contain additional 
> fields that the rows will fill in correctly and fields that are not in 
> the Paradox Table but are in the AWS Table will be left blank? I presume 
> if the AWS Postgresql Table has fields that are not allowed to be null 
> that it wont work?

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