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Subject:Re: Migrating to MySQL
Date:4 Dec 2020 07:49:54 -0400
From:"Thies Grimm" <>

Hello Pascal,

we met at one of the paradoy conventions as far as I remember...

I am interested.

Please contact me direct 


"pascal hutton" <> wrote:
>After more than 20 years using Paradox i need to move all my paradox datas
>to MySQL (or other database).
>I don't make so much coding anymore (more into management and admin stuff)
>The fun part : All the tables are on a win2012 datacenter VM, all the clients
>(70) are running P7 on WinXP VMs. All this package is running on a Windows
>2012R2 Hyper-V Cluster (4 nodes) and storage is attached via iscsi on 4
>We have some MySQL Virtual servers running for other stuff.
>The hard part :
>We have almost 1000 tables to convert to MySQL .... the biggest table got
>1 600 000 records.
>Forms : 1000
>Scripts : 350
>Library : 60
>Reports : 900
>Queries : 800
>Of course we have queries in some scripts, libraries, forms (wouldn't be
>The goal is to keep Paradox running as a front-end and then we'll re-write
>Anyone interested ?
>One of the programmer in my team is doing some testing to write a script
>to create the table and injecting the data from Paradox to MySQL.
>I've searched a bit to find documentation to make P7 connect to MySQL without
>If somebody has documentation or experience in that process i would be happy
>to know about it.
>You can reach me by mail if you want
>Thanks in advance
>pascal - :-)PH(-: for those who were there long time ago ;)

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